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F establishing cold refrigeration equipment co., LTDThe main refrigerator,Fresh cold storage,Medicine, cold storage,Cooling fan,Industrial water chillers and refrigeration unit equipment,Undertake various high.The low temperature cold storage project。Is a collection of refrigeration engineering design、The construction、The installation,After-sales and technical consulting for the integration of refrigeration company。Customer satisfaction is our service tenet!As activities refrigerator professional manufacturing company,Stand cold refrigeration with a group of fine quality refrigerator manufacturing professionals and years of experience in construction。We will according to the needs of users design provide refrigeration equipment products。Through long-term technology research、The development and practice,In different types、Different size of combination of cold storage building field from design to manufacturing,From installation to debug,From the warranty to visit a set of perfect enterprise operation system,Relying on the excellent products、Integrity of the enterprise、Convenient and thoughtful service,In the hotel、Hotel、As well as a variety of food factory、Meat processing plant......